Tips and Tricks
All About Shopping in the Como Lake

Arts & Crafts

Here is what you can expect when going about shopping in the this beautiful region of northern Italy. We will share with you many different specialties of the region and give you some handy tips.
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Lake Como Food and Drinks
A Journey through the Very Best of Italian Cuisine

So, are you interested in learning more about the delicious types of Lake Como foods and drinks?

Many visitors return from their vacations with wonderful memories of the great food that they tasted during their trip in Lake Como. There are many popular dishes native to the Lake Como area, and often you’ll discover that the ingredients were grown locally, or even in their neighbor’s backyard!

We’ll also share with you the unique customs shared by local Italians when it comes to eating and drinking so that you don’t miss out on everything it can offer you. Eating and drinking is like a form of art in Lake Como!

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A Guide to Villas…

Lake Como has Some of Italy’s Finest

Many people come to visit some of the beautiful and elegant villas Lake Como is especially famous for. You will feel like a wealthy prince when you stroll along the 19th century gardens and marbled pathways of these charming, old-world getaways.

Some of the villas in Lake Como Italy have been turned into luxury hotels in the last century offering their guests a piece of heaven-on-the-lake with breathtaking views of the lake and even Como silk used for the drapes and covers.

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Things To Do

Lake Como, Italy

Boat Rental
Horseback Riding

Click here for a list of fun activities ONLY in the city of Como

Besides exploring the many charming towns around the lake we have listed a variety of natural things to do in Lake Como, Italy. There are plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure, sightseeing and exploring…and the lake is a true paradise for sports enthusiasts. The lake turns into sports city as soon as the weather turns warm!
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Fun Activities in Como, Italy
Lake Como Rentals

Although there are no motorboat rentals in Lake Como, there are numerous other activities and sports available at your leisure such as pedal-boating and a carousel for the kids. Cernobbio is the closest place where you can rent out a motorboat. All Lake Como rentals are generally inexpensive and available aside from the major expeditions like if you plan on renting out a sea aeroplane.

Sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing sports require more space and better wind conditions, so those rentals take place in northern Lake Como towns. Here is a variety of fun recreational activities you can do in the city of Como itself…

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Villa Carlotta…
A Virtual Tour Through Magnificent Flowering Gardens

Villa Carlotta is one of Lake Como’s most visited villas covering a site of over 70,000 square meters. It has an immense garden of over 500 species and varieties of plants, trees and flowers as well as sensual masterpieces by Canova and Hayez, original furnishings and magnificent Lake Como tapestry.

The villa is located right on Lake Como’s main road Via Regina 2 in the heart of Tremezzo and is easily accessible by car, ferry or the C10 bus.

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The Best Windsurfing Spots in Lake Como

Best windsurfing spots?…Now that is something Lake Como is very famous for. Its location among tall, majestic mountains with deep valleys, and plenty of sunshine contributes to its excellent conditions for wind-related sports.

Lake Como is especially renowned for its Breva wind or Breva di Como. It is a strong valley wind that blows north by day towards the head of the lake.

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The Best of Lake Como Restaurants

Let us recommend you some of our favorite Lake Como restaurants on this page. Read on for a brief introduction to dining in the Lake Como area or jump to our virtual tour.

A Lake Como restaurant is more than just a place to eat your meal…in fact, it could become more like your sanctuary…a place where you let your thought float away…

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Delicious Lake Como Recipes

On this page we’ll share with you our favorite Lake Como recipes.

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Lake Como food and cuisine is roughly divided by the 3 geographic areas that make up the Como area – the lake, the mountains with their valleys and the hills of Brianza (the area between Milan and Como)

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